Our Services

As physiotherapists working in professional sport, we are well aware that every day you aren’t training through injury is a day that may prevent you performing at your best. Our number one goal is assist you in your return to an active life as soon as possible. We are very experienced in the assessment and diagnosis of sports related injuries, but we do not focus purely on your area of injury. We work from head to toe, to ensure that you are correctly diagnosed which will aid recovery and prevent further injury. Aside from injury treatments we have a wealth of experience in working with professional athletes, so there isn't much that haven't seen before. Our lead practitioners, Gerhard and Alan, are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest evidence based practise and protocols for specific conditions and also experts in rehabilitation and exercise therapy to ensure that you return to your activity and are less at risk of injury.

Our services are available to athletes and non-athletes of all ages, engaged in sports at any level of competition.